Clearance Sale Special

I recently started a new shopping trend, Clearance Sale Special. I plan 3-4 meals per week, and one meal I make up on the fly by checking the clearance meats! (Super risky, I know.) This weeks finds:

Stuffed Tilapia: $4.36

12 Shrimp: $2.67

Bundle of Asparagus: $1.99

On the menu: Brown Butter Shrimp with Angle Hair Pasta, Stuffed Tilapia, and Garlic Parm Asparagus. All for under $10!

I love to cook. I went to culinary school for a short while, and LOVED it. I really wanted to go to college to learn how to cook, but I really didn’t have $100,000 to spend. And I don’t like to be in debt. (Thank you Dave Ramsey!) I love to throw throw things in there, and I rarely measure anything out. SOOOO, I’ll try to put in the recipes, but to be honest, I never cook the same way twice. Feel free to add your own twists!


Brown Butter Shrimp Pasta

I threw 3 cloves of garlic into some olive oil and browned that up, then I threw in 3/4 a stick of butter into the hot pan. (Yeah it’s a lot of butter, so it tastes really good.) After it gets melted and all bubbly, add a few squirts of lemon juice, salt and pepper, parm, and shrimpies! Cook until shrimp are cooked through, and add in cooked angle hair pasta. Tada! That’s seriously it. Crazy easy.

Garlic Parm Asparagus:

Take the brown butter sauce you made (before you add the shrimp) and throw it on the asparagus. Top it off with cheese, and cook at 400 deg for 10 minutes. I added it to the tilapia pan during its last 10 minutes of cooking. Again, crazy easy. The tilapia I just cooked it they way the package told me to!

(add a little Fuzzy Naval for mama)

And that’s it! It’s easy, somewhat healthy (?KindaNotReally), and really yummy!

I really would have liked to know what it tasted like hot. But someone needed to be fed first. But, that’s mom life!



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