Oil-nt You Glad I Didn’t Say Oils?

It’s that time folks! Time to check out some oils!

I’ve been using oils for about 3 years now. But because I’m a cheapskate, I never got any good oils. Don’t get me wrong, they work, but only barely. I recently started using and selling Young Living Oils, and let me tell you, I’m in love!!

I’m a cheap person. I like deals, bargains, the whole 9. But these oils are worth every penny. Let me run you through a day on how I use oils with Stinky, and give you a recipe too!

My favorite oils to use with Stinks are the KidScents oils. They’re super cool because they don’t need to be diluted. Usually when you use oils on little babies, they need to be diluted so they don’t irritate the skin. A lot of oils are “hot” oils, which mean they can leave your skin feeling warm. Adults know that the feeling is totally fine and doesn’t hurt you. Babies, however, do not. So with most oils, you need to dilute with coconut oils!

Every night I use TummyGize and Gentle Baby. Stinky has reflux, so the TummyGize helps her keep from spitting up constantly and helps calm her belly down. I use it as needed through the day, and it only takes one drop! At night I put Gentle Baby on her feet, and it helps her sleep so much better! Again, only one drop is needed!

 I have a little roller bottle for her feet!

..going..going… Gone!

Meet Kuchi Kopi!

Kuchi is made out of felt. Felt is awesome and can retain the scent of oils really well. I add a drop of Lavender or Gentle Baby to it, and it helps keep her calm!

 I also add some Lavender to my boob to help her relax at nursing.

Stinky was born early, so it took her over a month to learn how to nurse. We had to pump and use bottles until about 6 weeks. So nursing can still be tough on her.

Now, for the recipe!

Orange Cremepop Bubble Bath

  • 1c Castile Soap
  • 1/4c Vegetable Glycerin
  • 12 drops Stress Away
  • 12 drops Orange (or any citrus blend)

Mix it all together, and it fits perfectly in two 4oz glass bottles!

I love me some Stress Away! I’m already through a whole bottle…it has lime and vanilla in it, delicious!

 It was a hit!

Interested in oils? Email me at kysworkemail@yahoo.com, I’ll hook you up!

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